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Sound tasting webinar: learning to tell poor from good sound

Sound tasting webinar: learning to tell poor from good sound

Given the success of the first webinar organised by FIT Europe on toxic sound and Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI), “Does this sound right? Understanding the acoustics and health implications of RSI”, held in October 2020 (recordings are available here), we promised we would host a second, more hands-on webinar again with Andrea Caniato and Cristian Guiducci.

Sound Tasting - FIT Europe webinar

So, on 26 July 2021, FIT Europe hosted the second webinar with Andrea and Cristian, moderated by Board members Gabriella Suzanne Vanzan and Wanda Brunelot and titled “Sound tasting webinar: learning to tell poor from good sound”. Despite being held in the middle of the holiday season, the webinar was a huge success, with about 350 participants!

After sharing with us the results of their latest research, our two speakers offered us an immersive experience of comparative sound tasting.

The three and a half hours passed in a flash and our speakers were overrun with questions. The feedback from participants has been extremely positive, many defining it as an eye-opening (or rather ear-opening) experience. We wish to thank our excellent speakers, all participants and our Irish colleagues at the ITIA for the use of their zoom account for this webinar.

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