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European Language Industry Surveys

FIT Europe partners with EUATC, ELIA, GALA and LINDWeb every year to study trends in the language profession in Europe. Read the results below:

Translation and Interpreting

Discussion Forum

FIT Europe has set up a discussion forum on Facebook. Intended as a channel of communication between FIT Europe’s Board and the boards/committees of member associations, the forum seeks to:

  • gauge members’ opinions on topics relevant to the professions
  • enable experiences and views to be shared and
  • discuss current concerns and approaches.

It is also intended to enable member associations to communicate with each other and foster stronger ties.

If you aren’t already a member, please visit the FIT Europe Forum on Facebook and ask to join. The forum operates as a closed group and only one representative of each association, with the authority to speak on its behalf, can join.

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