General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The GDPR became law in May 2018. At the FIT Europe in association with its member organisations and external partners has initiated a project to draft common European GDPR guidelines for our sector. As a starting point for the project this survey has been prepared for freelance translators and interpreters. 

Translating Europe Forum in November 2018, FIT Europe participated in a panel about the new Regulation. A suggestion was made to set up a series of events around Europe to inform language professionals about their obligations under the Regulation. FIT Europe has partnered with a number of organisations and experts to make this a reality. 

Two surveys (one for freelance translators and interpreters, and one for associations) were launched at the BDÜ conference in November 2019. Around 1,300 people responded to the freelancer survey and 55 regular and associate members participated in the association survey.

A first conclusion to be drawn is that there remains a lot confusion about whether the GDPR applies to T&I activities and if so, to what extent. The results of the surveys definitely show that uniform interpretation and specific guidelines for the profession are very much needed.

 FIT Europe, and its external partners, are working on this at the moment. More details to follow.

Updating the FIT Europe Regulations

It is almost 10 years since the FIT Europe Regulations were scrutinised with a view to proposing amendments that would be in keeping with developments in the Federation at European level. A working group has been set up to look at the topic and present solutions and proposals to the members of FIT Europe. 

#GettingYouUnderstood campaign

Member associations held a brainstorming session at the FIT Europe annual meeting in the Hague in 2018, discussing slogans / a campaign that would improve visibility for the language professions and increase awareness among the public of the significance of translation and interpreting in our daily lives. 

The visuals and slogan are now ready and will be launched soon. Stay tuned.

European Language Industry Survey

The latest edition of the European Language Industry Survey saw a new approach to the design of the survey, with a general section on trends and expectations about the market overall, then a series of individual sections focused on individual market players. FIT Europe contributed a series of questions exploring key issues for freelance professions: stress factors in their job, planning for the future, relationships with LSPs).

The survey attracted a significant number of responses. Please go to: