Website development

The Board elected in November 2017 decided to develop a new, more user-friendly website for FIT Europe and set up a working group to make that a reality. The working group consists of Annette Schiller, John O’Shea and Susanna Dirks (developer).

Continuing Professional Development

A CPD working group comprised of Annette Schiller, Gabriella Vanzan and John O’Shea was set up in November 2017 to run the FIT Europe CPD project. Visit our current projects page for more information.

Management Seminars

The Board has identified numerous areas in which it could provide added value to its member associations in terms of attracting and retaining, growing membership, CPD, and practical aspects of running a translation and interpreting association. The Management Seminars working group (comprised of Annette Schiller, John O’Shea, Dimitra Stafilia and Gabriella Vanzan) is exploring ways to provide the management teams of associations across the Europe region with the skills they need.


The Board is committed to organising useful, value-added events for member associations and individual translators and interpreters. Ad hoc event working groups are set up for each event (Hague IP Conference: Annette Schiller, John O’Shea, Athens 2019 Translating Europe Workshop: Annette Schiller, DImitra Stafilia, John O’Shea, upcoming 2020 AVT Conference: Annette Schiller, Henrik Johnsen, upcoming 2020 CPD conference: Gabriella Vanzan, Annette Schiller).

Funding Options

This working group (comprised of Annette Schiller, John O’Shea) is exploring how FIT Europe can use the tools available to it to raise more funds to provide more and better services to its member associations. 

FIT Europe Regulations

This working group (comprised of Wanda Brunelot, Henrik Johnsen, Reiner Heard and Annette Schiller) is examining proposed amendments to the FIT Europe regulations to improve governance of the organisation.

Machine Translation

This working group consists of Board members and volunteers from various member associations (BDÜ, Ralf Lemster) and (APTIC, Llorenç Serrahima / Carolina Fernández Giménez). It explores the messaging used by developers of MT systems to promote their technologies and issues advice and guidance to associations about how to respond. 

The Board would like to wholeheartedly thanks the volunteers for their input. Anyone else interested in volunteering is asked to contact the Board directly.