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CPD Newsletter – FIT Europe Shared Calendar – May 2023

CPD Newsletter – FIT Europe Shared Calendar – May 2023

Dear colleagues, 

Please find below the overview of future CPD events held in Europe, as populated by member associations in the FIT Europe Shared Calendar. 

To view the full calendar of events, click here

Feel free to add it to your own Google calendar for easier visualization.

Would you like your event to appear in the coming newsletter? Add it to the calendar for increased visibility/participation! We definitely need more CPD events from more members to make the calendar even more relevant. Get in touch with FIT Europe to get instructions about how to populate the calendar.



CPD Event

Time (GMT)




[ES] “Seminar – Spanish Legal Language CPD” | SCIT, Slovenia (5 – 8:30 pm UTC+2)

5/4/2023 19:00:00


CPD on Spanish legal language, held in Spanish by María Galán Barrera for SCIT, with active participation. For program & registration: https://www.sodni-tolmaci.si/spanish-legal-cpd-may-4th-2023/?lang=en, 4-teaching hour event, 2 short breaks, payments to be made by 2 May 2023 at the latest. Specialized event for legal language professionals and other interested parties.


[NL] Buurtaal: verschillen tussen Nederlands in B en NL – BKVT – Belgium

5/9/2023 11:00:00


Webinar in Dutch – https://www.cbti-bkvt.org/nl/events/375-nl-buurtaal-over-het-nederlands-in-belgie-en-nederland-een-webinar-door-miet-ooms-deel-1   – secretariat@cbti-bkvt.org – € 45 for BKVT-members, € 70 for non-members


[FR] Téléformation en droit anglais : Wills, Probate & Powers of Attorney, for Legal Interpreters and Translators – SFT Services – Online

5/23/2023 7:30:00


En savoir plus > https://sft-services.catalogueformpro.com/0/droit-expertise/1238129/05-2023-teleformation-en-droit-anglais-par-david-hutchins-wills-probate-powers-of-attorney-for-legal


[FR] Connaître le vin et sa terminologie pour mieux traduire les textes vitivinicoles – SFT Services – Gaillac (France)

6/1/2023 7:00:00


En savoir plus > https://sft-services.catalogueformpro.com/1/techniques-de-la-traduction/788452/06-2023-connaitre-le-vin-et-sa-terminologie-pour-mieux-traduire-les-textes-vitivinicoles-gaillac-01-


[ES] «¡Emociones a tutiplén! La aventura apasionante de traducir narrativa infantil ilustrada». | Part I – ASETRAD – Madrid.

6/2/2023 16:00:00


More information: https://formacion.asetrad.org/courses/emociones-a-tutiplen-la-aventura-apasionante-de-traducir-narrativa-infantil-ilustrada-24feb2023/?nocache=2384829139


[ES] «¡Emociones a tutiplén! La aventura apasionante de traducir narrativa infantil ilustrada». | Part II – ASETRAD – Madrid.

6/3/2023 9:00:00


More information: https://formacion.asetrad.org/courses/emociones-a-tutiplen-la-aventura-apasionante-de-traducir-narrativa-infantil-ilustrada-24feb2023/?nocache=2384829139


[FR] La traduction SEO et bases du référencement naturel (SEO) et payant (SEA) – SFT Services – Rennes (France)

6/5/2023 7:00:00


En savoir plus > https://sft-services.catalogueformpro.com/6/outils-de-tao/1239177/06-2023-la-traduction-seo-et-bases-du-referencement-naturel-seo-et-payant-sea-rennes-5-et-6-juin-202


[FR] Réussir son installation et se constituer une clientèle – SFT Services – Paris (France)

6/10/2023 7:00:00


En savoir plus > https://sft-services.catalogueformpro.com/3/gestion-entreprise/1241311/06-2023-reussir-son-installation-et-se-constituer-une-clientele-inalco-paris-10-06-2023


[FR] Fonctions avancées sur Trados – SFT Services – Paris (France)

6/16/2023 7:00:00


En savoir plus > https://sft-services.catalogueformpro.com/6/outils-de-tao/1088900/06-2023-fonctions-avancees-sur-trados-paris-16-06-2023


[ES] «Y tú, ¿cómo lo haces? Nómadas digitales». | ASETRAD – Madrid.

6/28/2023 17:00:00


More information: https://formacion.asetrad.org/courses/y-tu-como-lo-haces-nomadas-digitales-28jun2023/?nocache=2943044308


[FR] Techniques d’interprétation de liaison et de traduction à vue – Niveau 2 – SFT Services – Grenoble (France)

6/29/2023 7:30:00


En savoir plus > https://sft-services.catalogueformpro.com/2/techniques-de-linterpretation/1238357/06-2023-techniques-dinterpretation-de-liaison-et-de-traduction-a-vue-niveau-2-grenoble-29-et-30-juin


[FR] La traduction SEO et bases du référencement naturel (SEO) et payant (SEA) – SFT Services – Lille (France)

7/5/2023 7:00:00


En savoir plus > https://sft-services.catalogueformpro.com/6/outils-de-tao/1244256/07-2023-la-traduction-seo-et-bases-du-referencement-naturel-seo-et-payant-sea-lille-5-et-6-juillet-2


[FR] Les Rencontres de la traduction et de l’interprétation – SFT – Angers (France)

8/25/2023 12:00:00


Toutes les informations directement sur le site : https://rencontres-traduction-interpretation.fr/fr/


[EN] BeWord Conference 2023 – CBTI/BKVT – Belgium

9/29/2023 7:00:00


The Belgian Chamber of Translators and Interpreters is delighted to organise BeWord 2023, its first international conference to celebrate International Translation Day 2023. Theme: “Being a Language Professional in 2023: Challenges & Opportunities”

website: www.beword-conference.be

contact: event@translators.be

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