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Recent years have seen unprecedented levels of change occurring all around us. Just like associations in other sectors, translation and interpreting associations, find themselves in a shifting landscape, in which some may be simply surviving, while others are thriving.

This Member Association Viewpoint Survey 2022 marks the first in what we hope will become an annual institution to learn more about that landscape, and what FIT Europe can do to help its member associations thrive and grow. It was conducted in early January 2022 at a time when Europe had emerged from the very worst of COVID but with case levels still high.

We appreciate the time taken by all the associations in FIT Europe which responded to the survey. This survey will form a baseline against which we can compare your expectations and concerns and how they shift over time, what challenges you face and how they too change with time.

We hope too that it will provide us, as a Board, with valuable insights, identifying issues that can be suitably addressed collectively, and allowing us to tailor events on those topics to suit your needs; events at which we can explore the issues that emerge in more depth and work towards solutions.

On behalf of the Board of FIT Europe
John O’Shea, Chairperson



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