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Translation and Interpreting in Crisis Settings

Next week FIT Europe hosts a Translating Europe Workshop with the kind support of the European Commission. Featuring a host of invited speakers from the public and private sector in Greece and abroad, the event, which will be held in Athens on 21 June, aims to explore translation and interpreting in crisis settings.  View the provisional programme here.

Following a keynote from Boris Cheshirkov, UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) spokesperson in Athens, the event will explore four vital aspects of translation and interpreting in crisis settings. With guest speakers from Doctors of the World, the UN Migration Agency (IOM) and University of Crete/Maastricht University, the health panel will explore the challenges interpreters and translators face in health settings, looking at best practices that have been developed in recent years.

Our education panel looks at how the translation and interpreting professions have been responding to the training challenges that crisis settings pose, presenting European programmes in the area and bringing together experts from the two edges of the EU, Greece and Ireland.

The reception centres panel places public sector representatives (Ministry of Migration Policy, and the European Asylum Support Organisation) and practitioners side by side to explore how the translation and interpreting professions have responded to the language needs that have emerged in recent years, how they have coped, and to highlight best practices that are emerging.

The final panel looks at the use of lesser languages in judicial settings, comparing the situation in Greece with that in other European countries.

Thanks to the support of both National Centre for Public Administration and Local Government, which is kindly providing the venue, and the European Commission, the FIT Europe – TEW “Translation and Interpreting in Crisis Settings” will be livestreamed so audiences all around Europe can watch.  More details of how to livestream the event will be provided closer to the date of the event. So please follow our social media channels for updates (@FitEUR on facebook and @Fit_Europe on twitter).

We’ll also be using an event specific hashtag #fiteurope_athens, so make sure you follow that on the day to keep up with what is going on.